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Meeting the Industry Standard for Green Tile

Crossville® is the first manufacturer to earn Green Squared® certification—the highest sustainability standard in the industry—across all of its U.S.-manufactured porcelain tile product lines and its entire production process.


Developed by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI A138.1), Green Squared® evaluates products and processes in five key areas of environmental and social responsibility:

  • Product characteristics
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Corporate governance
  • Innovation
  • End-of-life product management

Since 2009, Green Squared has set the standard in the tile industry for ensuring full, transparent disclosure of the environmental attributes for all products, and the impact of the processes in tile production. Additionally, Green Squared seeks to recognize manufacturers, like Crossville, for their leadership in environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility.

By providing a complete portfolio of Green Squared Certified Crossville porcelain products to our clients and consumers, we make it easy to create beautiful, sustainable installations that uphold our shared commitment to advancing tile design while protecting our natural resources.

Crossville, Green Squared Certified Products, are listed below, but colors and styles are so extensive, please follow the links to view each of the tile selctions:

Argent, Bold. Bright. Colorfully Crossville          Argent_A1412_ChicagoFire_LO

Crossville’s Argent Porcelain Stone® deepens the already rich look of natural argent stone with superbly saturated shades inspired by colors beloved across America. Textured reds, blues, greens, even purples stand side-by-side with versatile neutrals to offer a full spectrum of inviting, never overstated styles.

Basalt, Ignite Inspiration         AV293_1_12x12

For strength that rocks, simplicity that shines and style that ignites, choose volcanically inspired Basalt Porcelain Stone®. Tough-yet-sophisticated tiles feature authentically fine graining, earthen shades and just a hint of crystalline sparkle, offering a dynamic foundation that’s especially powerful in commercial settings.

Bluestone, A Timeless Nod to Natural History         Bluestone_AV202_ArizoneBrown_LO

Like its namesake, the soft, earthen tones of Bluestone Porcelain Stone® ground practically any space, indoors or out, in nuanced natural-stone style. Subtle shell-like glints and fossil-inspired impressions hint at the landscapes of our past, while showcasing truly timeless American design.

Mosaics           CrossvilleMosaics_EC001_Storm_LO

An artful way to personalize almost any space, mosaics offer endless possibilities to play with color, texture, pattern and proportion. Whether used as a finishing touch or a dramatic focal point, on walls or floors, indoors or out, Crossville’s Mosaics easily elevate even the most ambitious designs.

Color Blox, Play with Color          ColorBlox_A1116_Caboose_LO

Created using the advanced color-matching theories that inspired Crossville’s popular Cross-Colors® line, each of Color Blox Porcelain Stone®’s designer shades is precisely crafted to not only capture the ideal expression of its playfully modern inspiration (like Slinky and Roasted Marshmallow), but to perfectly complement at least two of its sister shades. Effortlessly fresh and expertly refined, each tile features a distinctively minimalistic texture and shading that allows it to blend beautifully into place while retaining its one-of-a-kind appeal.

Color Blox Mosaics, What’s Your Color Story?          ColorBlox_A1110_SeaMonkey_LO

You’ve seen these colors before, but never quite like this. Through Color Blox Mosaics, the playfully modern, precisely coordinated shades of Color Blox Porcelain Stone® come together to tell vivid stories in living color. With shades inspired by childhood memories, joyful moments and collective experiences, Color Blox Mosaics celebrate the richness color brings to our everyday lives.

Cotto Americana, An American Favorite          CottoAmericana_AV172_Tan_LO

Blending traditional styling with modern coloration, Cotto Americana Porcelain Stone®’s broad appeal, dependable versatility and accessible pricing make it a natural choice for today’s American design landscape. With a wide variety of colors and sizing options, including mosaics, it’s as comfortable in a kitchen backsplash as it is in a commercial bath.

Cross-Colors Solids, Today’s Colors. Tomorrow’s Designs         CrossColor__0024_B180 Lapis

Make a solid statement with Cross-Colors Solids. Meticulously matched by one of the most sought-after color forecasters in the industry, Cross-Colors is a designer go-to for on-trend color and one-of-a-kind style. Strikingly simple design lets a full spectrum of colors and textures shine.

Cross-Colors LP, Real Granite Look. Porcelain Stone® Strength          CrossColor__0015_LA58 Blue Splash

We crossed the look and feel of richly colored granite with the superior durability of Porcelain Stone® to create our Cross-Colors LP collection. Careful crafting in each colorway ensures true natural-stone style, without natural-stone pricing.

Cross Colors Mingles, Today’s Colors. Tomorrow’s Designs          CrossColor__0046_A585 Sea Mist

Mix and match with Cross Colors Mingles. Meticulously matched by one of the most sought-after color forecasters in the industry, Cross-Colors is a designer go-to for on-trend color and one-of-a-kind style. Strikingly simple design lets a full spectrum of colors and textures shine.

EcoCycle Americana, Manifest Your Design Destiny         EcoCycle_AV115_Rushmore_LO

Embodying the iconic monuments and landscapes of our nation, from the majesty of Mt. Rushmore to the sunset shades of the Grand Canyon, EcoCycle Americana Porcelain Stone® appeals to the pioneering spirit within every designer. Kind to the land that inspired it, this painterly palette lends aesthetic and environmental harmony to even the most sophisticated spaces.

Main Street, Style That Welcomes          MainStreet_AV214_GalleryGrey_LO

Our Main Street tile collection is designed to look and feel at-home almost anywhere. With a contemporary palette of neutral, stone-inspired tones and textures, low maintenance requirements and the superior strength of Porcelain Stone®, it’s an especially welcome departure from mainstream commercial solutions.

Manoir, Anywhere Elegance         Manoir_AV254_Hermitage_LO

High standards aren’t reserved for high society. Drawing inspiration from America’s grandest manors and estates, Manoir Porcelain Stone®’s softly stately shades afford nearly any space—and especially commercial environments—a sense of easy, enduring elegance.

Reclamation, Urban Glam Style That Brings an Industrial Evolution          Reclamation_AV273_WhiskeyLullaby_LO     Reclamation_AV273_WL_Etching_LO

Reclamation is a porcelain tile collection by Crossville created with digital production technology. With its urban influences and appearance, Reclamation echoes the comeback spirit of reclaimed materials and revitalized cities. The line’s four distinct colors – Whiskey Lullaby, Cotton Exchange, Steel City and Tobacco Road – are comprised of a mix of wood and concrete looks blended to capture an ‘industrial chic’ look that’s versatile- and modern with a hint of nostalgia.

RetroActive, Hip to Be Rectangular          Retro_A870_SealTaupe_LO

Functional yet fashionable, familiar yet fresh, our rectilinear RetroActive Porcelain Stone® collection answers the industry’s call for a go-anywhere tile that will never go out of style.

Shades, The Beauty Between Black and White          Shades_SBC2_10103HMOS_CoolGrays_Mosaic_LO

From monochrome to mosaic, Shades Porcelain Stone® tiles play up nature’s most elemental neutrals in contemporary colorways that scale from black to white. Run its linear texture parallel or in perpendicular patterns to create subtle flow or visual variation wherever it goes.

SpeakEasy, Speak Out, Speak Loud, Speak Easy          AV284

Behind its authentically timeworn, barnwood façade hides a clever secret—the enduring allure of porcelain. With the look and feel of true American hardwood and the high-proof strength of Porcelain Stone®, it scales from dance floor to hallway—with no one the wiser. Welcome to SpeakEasy, where a new twist on classic style is never prohibited.

Structure, Built For Contemporary Design         Structure_AV225_Basalt_LO

Grounded in minimalistic style, Structure maximizes the appeal of concrete and cut stone to bring understated form and function to contemporary spaces. And because it’s Porcelain Stone®, Structure’s subtle colors and assorted sizes are built to last.

Virtue, Pure Style          Virtue_AV261_UPS_LO

Artfully blending the finest traits of the world’s most coveted white marble—Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario—yields monumental style. Beauty, elegance, endurance, strength—discover your Virtue, in versatile Porcelain Stone® with purifying Hydrotect™ antimicrobial surface technology.

Vista Americana, America the Beautiful          VistaAmericana_AV182_9-UP_Foothills_LO

Beautifully accessible in price and scope, Vista Americana looks to the foundations of our national landscape, capturing the warmth of our coasts, the serenity of our rolling hills and the majesty of our mountain ranges in an earthy panorama of Porcelain Stone® shades.

Wood Impressions, Classic Wood Looks          WoodImp_AV195_BrazilianCherry_LO

Crossville’s Wood Impressions evoke the even graining of high-grade wood floors, while offering the enhanced strength and versatility of Porcelain Stone®.

Moonstruck, A New Style Has Landed          AV304 Tiles_HON

At once otherworldly and invitingly familiar, Moonstruck Porcelain Stone® boldly goes beyond typical tile. Sandstone-textured and striation-rich, its landscape-inspired warm to cool colorways with flowing directional veining recall both ancient native rock formations and untouched celestial surfaces—to universally striking affect.

Ready-to-Wear, Tailored for Everyday Style          AV316_12x24_UPS

Like your favorite pair of jeans, this tile has style that can dress up – or down – to suit any look. Patterned with classic warp and weft texture and tone, Crossville’s Ready-to-Wear Porcelain Stone collection brings touchable, everyday style to floors and walls. A full line of smart-casual shades—including Buttoned Up, Off-the-Cuff, Smarty Pants—speak to a relaxed-yet-refined sensibility that’s effortlessly fashionable and refreshingly approachable.

Gotham, Conquer the Concrete Jungle          AV323-2

The urban strength and utility of sidewalks, subways and superstructures gives rise to Gotham. Masking its true Porcelain Stone® identity with the subtle striations, aggregate finishes and lived-in colorations of concrete, this glamorously gritty collection is a city-lover’s hero. Wall-to-wall, room-to-room, cement your cosmopolitan style with a streetwise look that takes modern minimalism to skyscraping new heights.




  • Large format sizes, rectified edges and plank shapes make Color Blox EC the ideal green design solution.
  • Certified recycled content of 20 percent
  • Subtle variations in texture and shading add visual interest
  • Made of Porcelain Stone for strength and durability
  • Cross-Sheen finish for easy cleaning
  • Available only from Crossville

Color Blox EC is recommended for interior floors, walls, and countertops and exterior walls on both commercial and residential environments.



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