Travina recycled galass countertops made with local Kansas City recycled glass.

What is Travina and how can it be used?  First, Travina is fantastic for countertops in kitchens, bathrooms and also outdoor kitchens, but this is only the Travina-countertopbeginning. Travina can also be used to create beautiful shower bases and wall systems, tubs and whirlpools, windowsills, fireplace surrounds or mantels and other architectural products.

What makes Travina truly unique is what goes into the material and how it is made.Red-glass-small

Blue Green glassLocally recycled glass is used in all materials produced. Yes, your bottles could be in your countertops!  The glass is bound togehter in a composite polyester resin.

Travina is produced locally and uniquely. Why do we say uniquely, because Travina is not made in a large slab that someone else cuts down to size, there is too much waste in this practice. Travina makes a template and then pours your countertops to the exact size.  This minimizes the waste when compared to slab produced products.

Travina's Recycled Glass respects the environment without waste.

Travina "It Just makes Sense"

Travina vanity top

Some of many possible colors available:

Travina E400M 277x413Travina E400M Travina E404V 277x413Travina E404V Travina D602M 277x413Travina D602M
Travina N109V 277x413Travina N109V Travina N136V 277x413Travina N136V Travina K307M 277x413Travina K307M
Travina K304M 277x413Travina K304M Travina K317M 277x413Travina K317M  
Travina Y201V 277x413Travina Y201V Travina Y204M 277x413Travina Y204M Travina Y207V 277x413Travina Y207V


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Travina - It Just Makes Sense

How It's Made


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