Travina recycled galass countertops made with local Kansas City recycled glass.

Travina-countertopWhat is Travina and how can it be used?  First, Travina is fantastic for countertops in kitchens, bathrooms and also outdoor kitchens, but this is only the beginning. Travina can also be used to create beautiful shower bases and wall systems, tubs and whirlpools, windowsills, fireplace surrounds or mantels and other architectural products.

What makes Travina truly unique is what goes into the material and how it is made.

1. Ripple Glass, locally recycled, is used in all Red-glass-smallmaterials produced from now on. Yes, Kansas City, your bottles could be in your countertops!

2. Bio-resin, corn based is produced specifically for Travina by Cook Composites and Polymers a Kansas City based, world leader in the production and distribution of gel coats, composite polyester resins, coatings, resins and emulsions.

3. Travina is produced locally and uniquely. Why do we say Blue-Green-glass-smalluniquely, because Travina is not made in a large slab that someone else cuts down to size, there is too much waste in this practice. Travina makes a template first, they even figure in the sink and cook top areas and insert a blank into the mold so they do not waste material here either.

What if you don't live in Kansas City or you have a second home at the beach or in the mountains, Travina's Recycled Glass countertops will be custom-made in the USA by a manufacturer in your area. That's right, why ship a heavy slab across the country. The manufacturer of Travina licenses the production to and sells the raw materials to a manufacturer where ever you need it installed. Wow, is that cool!

Travina's Recycled Glass respects the environment without waste.

Travina "It Just makes Sense"

Travina vanity top


Some of many possible colors available:



And a few of our recent custom blends:

Columbia-web Custom white-resin web Galaxy-web Moon-web Turquoise-web

        Columbia         White with bottle glass         Galaxy                       Moon                     Turquoise




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Travina - It Just Makes Sense

How It's Made

Travina manufacturing 1 Travina manufacturing 2 Travina manufacturing 3
Travina finished product 1 Travina finished product 1

Travina kitchen 2