Glass Recycled

Glass Recycled

Glass Recycled Products Overview

Glass Recycled offers a variety of post-use recycled glass and porcelain products for decorative and practical use. 


prodpic200-2.jpgGlassSLAB countertops are available in custom sizes. These custom-made recycled glass and porcelain Terrazzo surfaces will be the centerpiece of your environmentally friendly kitchen or bathroom.





prodpic-ZLayout3HR.jpgGlassPLANK recycled glass and porcelain Terrazzo floor tiles measure 6" x 36" x 3/8" (nominal). These sustainable and unique planks are laid out in a staggered or random bond fashion, achieving a look similar to that of a wood floor.





scapepic200.jpgGlassSCAPE is the newest trend in decorative, eco-friendly, sustainable landscaping. Glass Recycled offers a variety of post-use recycled glass and porcelain aggregate options for use as decorative ground cover, aquarium and fountain fill, and anyplace sand is used. The proprietary process produces post-use recycled glass with virtually no sharp edges.




Documentation and Information

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Glass Recycled website


Product Samples

Below are images of just a few of the possible color combinations.

alabaster   black   brightwhite
alabaster   black   bright white
charcoal   deepblue   deloreangray
charcoal   deep blue   delorean gray
earth   fawn   fireenginered
earth   fawn   fire engine red
mallardgreen   newtaupe   oceanblue
mallard green   new taupe   ocean blue
oystergray   parchment   quarryred
oyster gray   parchment   quarry red
pewter   sanddollar   snowwhite
pewter   sand dollar   snow white
straw   summerwheat   tobaccobrown
straw   summer wheat   tobacco brown
winter gray        


For more information or any questions you might have please call, come by our showroom, or email us.